Industries Supported By QStock Inventory

The visibility you need, in the workflows that feel natural.

With QStock we’ve improved our outbound order output by 66% and decreased our order to ship time from 5 days to as fast as same day now without adding headcount.
Vicki De Roeck

BioTech Sciences

When track and trace is life and death, have confidence your lab has every detail. Now more than ever experience matters! MSA Systems and QStock Inventory have helped the world’s most advanced laboratories find and track their supplies, materials, and experiments to guarantee safety and accuracy.

Cannabis & CBD Distribution

In the highly regulated industry of CBD & THC Distribution, QStock Inventory brings distribution workflows to a highly regulated industry. We excel at multi-entity, multi-channel implementations, freeing companies who are bogged down in spreadsheet tracking.

Medical Devices

The FDA requires UDI labels on all medical devices to trace back to the singular device, the lot and date in which it was made. This presents an immense amount of data to record and track, that will be audited regularly. Being able to track lots, dates, and serials through builds to the ultimate consumer is a stringent requirement, and one that we are excited to automate for medical device manufacturers and distributors.

Field Service

For businesses that run multiple vans and or trucks, managing the truck inventory is the key enabler to ensuring jobs are done profitably and smoothly upon first visit and that the technician’s time is spent working jobs rather than waiting for parts to be brought by a runner or worse yet having to make a trip to the local hardware store.

The ability that QStock has provided in their barcode system has not only sped up the whole process, it has also given us such a high accuracy level we only require minimal updates during reconciliation. For the first time ever, I anticipate a short year-end inventory.
Alice Harvey
Castle Hill Gaming

Electronic Devices

One of the largest expenses in electronics is recording and managing serials. With QStock Inventory, the hours spent trying to keep log and track tracking information in spreadsheets are reduced to minutes. With multiple options for tracking rules and multiple tracking fields, your tracking is set to match your business, and a part of your natural workflows. Let the finance team keep spreadsheets while the Operations leverages scanning technology and tools built for them.

Food & Beverage

The FDA has rolled out the Preventative Controls rule, part of the larger Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) legislation. The proposed regulation will affect food facilities that manufacture, process, pack and/or hold food products. Product traceability and responsiveness to product recalls are essentials for every food manufacturer.

Consumer Goods

Enabling a seamless link to order processing and logistics management in order to pick, pack, and ship product out of the facility. This includes integration with any process not directly handled by the WMS. For example, warehouse management software doesn’t typically come equipped with a built-in shipping platform, so integration with a popular shipping software is helpful.

eCommerce Fulfillment

Ecommerce businesses are technology savvy, but need real time integration with their ecommerce sites and need to compete with big stores like Amazon. With auto-allocation and shipping integration orders can be picked, packed, and shipped within minutes leaving the competition in the dust.

With QStock, we’ve been able to decrease paperwork and increase counting speed and accuracy from 7-9 hours per truck location to more like 2.5 hours and overall accuracy and controls have decreased valuation variance from more than $1000 per location to often times less than $120. We’ve also been able to have more people trained on how to do the work so I’m not doing it all myself anymore. We couldn’t have done it without QStock.
Larry Buchda
George Brazil