QStock Inventory as a Solution For Traceability

Customize your tracking requirements to meet and exceed industry audit criteria!

Lot, expiry, and serial visibility is critical to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices, to get your products into larger retailers. While the government doesn’t stipulate requirements, it does hold the last mile accountable. If there is a spoilage issue resulting in damage to a consumer, it will hold the retailer responsible. It is the retailer’s fiduciary responsibility to require traceability.

QStock Inventory has helped food manufacturers not only comply with these standards, but impress auditors. It is this attention to detail that helps distributors get into these big box retailers.

Track & Trace

Forward and Backward tracking of information like Lot, Expiry Date, Manufacture Date & Serials for needs in food & Beverage, Cannabis, Electronics, and Medical Devices.

Barcode Scanning

Effortless data entry for businesses looking to compete with Amazon for speed between order placement, and shipment to customer.

Light Assembly

Plan and schedule Work Orders and track your consumption of raw materials to finished goods, with visibility to need and build capacity for planning.

Inventory Movement

Easily and quickly interact with your inventory with barcode scanning. Point and click to perform Moves, Adjustments, Receiving, and Picking.

Benefits of a QStock Inventory for Traceabilty Audits

Different industries have different tracking needs. Customize your tracking based on your item’s requirements:

  • Out—Record lot/Serial information only when adjusting out or shipping to keep things easy on your warehouse. A favorite for electronics.
  • In—Record Lot/Serials both as product enters and leaves your facility. Maybe you don’t need to know where it is, but you need to know when it came in and when it left.
  • Strict– When you need to know every transaction and every time and item was touched. Often used in medical.
Essential Traceability

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